About EJM

In matters of style,
swim with the current;
in matters of principle,
stand like a rock. Thomas Jefferson

EJM Consulting Services, LLC is a privately owned, professional organization specializing in Construction Contract Management. We provide leadership, support and consultation to our clients and their project management teams for overall contract management with an emphasis in the area of claim management and recovery.

In these times of reduced staff and streamlined approaches to building and managing construction projects, it's imperative to maintain proper and effective contract management. When extra work, delays, differing site conditions or other unforeseen contract changes affect your production, success in recovery often times depends, not only on the root cause of the issue, but how it is identified, preserved and presented to the owner.

EJM Consulting Services, LLC (EJMCS) is led by its owner, Edwin J. Mackiewicz III, P.E., J.D. With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry with both contractors and as owner's representative, Mr. Mackiewicz offers a vast array of knowledge in construction contract management particularly related to claims preparation, analysis, presentation and recovery. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds a Doctorate of Law degree. His knowledge of construction and design as well as his legal education brings a unique and practical approach to contract disputes and claim management. EJMCS would like to bring its knowledge and experience with troubled projects and dispute resolution to your project management team.

Whether your needs are for training and guidance of your staff in the areas of claim identification, preservation and preparation, or full service claim management we are committed to providing you the quality service to successfully recover your justified compensation.